Tattoo Series (cont’d 6)

I was lucky enough to have the fantastic Brett, and the equally amazing Nicole, stop into the studio on Wednesday. Brett is a massive canvas with it comes to tattoos. The pictures that I took only scratch the surface with him, and all his tattoos have a great story behind them. Nicole has some equally impressive art, too. What she lacks in numbers she makes up with quality. The shading done on her shoulder piece is very clean. Also, Nicole is a very talented photographer. It’s awesome knowing that us photographers are willing to help each other out.

Here’s one of the last of Brittney, and here are some new ones of both Brett and Nicole. Also, I embeded a link to Nicole’s website for you all to check out.


tattoo picture of Brittney


tattoo picture of Brett


tattoo picture of Nicole

Click here for Nicole’s website. And, as always…

Take it easy.