Tattoo series (cont’d 4)

Yesterday was an interesting day in the city. Every Kansas Citian in the metro area experienced three… THREE distinct weather scenarios. In the morning, it was sunny and dare I say a little warm for February. Then, it became cloudy and started to rain. That was expected. Meteorologists told us that it was going to rain for part of the day. After all, it stormed (kind of) the night before. Plus, we live in the Midwest. We’re used to storms. Then, it snowed. It snowed. IT SNOWED. Seriously? Seriously. It went from rain to hail to sleet to big, fat, wet snow. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, it became sunny again. *shaking my head* This weather…

Anyhow, enough of crazy stuff, and onto some more pictures from the tattoo series. I’m excited about how this series is turning out. I can’t wait for more subjects to come into the studio with their tattoos and their stories about them.


tattoo picture of Sierra


tattoo picture of Brittany

Take it easy.